A simple interface to your device's text-to-speech engine.


    Lets you type or paste text, which it can then pronounce out loud.

    You can assign text to buttons and list items for quick access. For free, you get two buttons (four on tablets) and four list items. After an amazingly cheap in-app purchase, you get twice as many buttons and unlimited list items.

    Buttons and list items can say something other than their title. This can be used to set up a simple foreign-language phrase-book capability.

    The voice's pitch and speaking rate can be varied.

    The pronounciation can be repeated automatically.

    The pronounciation can be exported as a sound file, which can then be used as an alarm, music, notification and/or ringtone. Apps that don’t use Android's default sounds will need to be manually configured to use the exported sounds.

    If any text is selected, only the selection will be pronounced or saved.

    Text files can be opened and/or saved.


    Your device's text-to-speech engine must be installed and configured. Sayer uses the default engine and voice. If you don't like Android's default, try SVOX or Ivona.

    Sayer stores sound files in .WAV format. Apps are available for converting to .MP3, etc.

    Sayer can open text files created in other apps if you copy them into Sayer’s external files directory. The location of this will depend on your device, but it will probably end in “Android/data/net.catplace.sayer/files/”.


    Read and write SD card (external storage): to save your text and audio files.

    Google Play billing service: to allow the in-app purchase.

    Modify system settings: to install alarm, notification and ringtone sounds as you specify.

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