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    Touch piano before note reaches the left line!

    This is a (musical) score reading(site read) training application.You can learn note position of a sheet music.

    There are two modes.
    ★ practice mode
    Note stops until you touch right note, so you can play at your pace. This mode is recommended for beginners,too.
    ★ normal mode
    Note comes in real time. if you fail to press right note in time, miss count increases.

    Changeable settings(press menu key at title)
    * sound volume(become 0 if phone's ringtone volume is 0)
    * accidentals(5 types.none,#,b,# + x,b + bb)
    * keyboard settings(8 types.none,doremi,code,code(with octave),Chinese,French,German,Japanese)
    * clef(4 types. G(treble),F(bass),C(alto),C(tenor))
    * key signature(10 types.C major,# signatures(up to 5),b signatures(up to 4))
    * sound(2 types.piano and acoustic guitar)
    * keyboard width(5 types.set black key width rate against white key between 0.5 to 0.9)
    * piano key number(4 types. wider/normal/narrow/mini)
    * question note range(4 types. wider/normal/narrow/mini)
    * game speed(3 types(50-70) to 9type(40-130 in app billing))
    * note number(8 types(3-10 measure) in app billing)
    * theoretical mode(theoretical[faithful with music theory]/verbose[explicitly show accidental])
    * low memory mode(becomes simpler drawing)

    - Accidentals(#,b etc) effects only current bar. Across the new bar line, accidentals effect will be reset.
    - In contrast, changed key effect lasts during the staff notation if you change measure.
    - If you touch right note as close as left judgement line, you'll get better judgement(perfect > great > good).

    [About combination of settings]
    - Even if you select flat appear mode,sharp appears to override other accidental effect (in theoretical mode,this case only) with sharp key signatures selection.
    - And when you select many sharp key signatures like B major with flat appear mode, natural appears more frequent.
    - Many flat key signatures with sharp appear mode behaves similarly.
    - Even if you select no accidentals, accidental effects are overridden in verbose mode.

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