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    One of the best Secret Audio Recorders. Extremely easy to use. Just click on the App's Icon to Start or Stop the Recording. During the Recording, the phone can be used for most other normal operations, including Game Playing, Web Browsing and Phone Calls

    If you have a problem with this app, please send an email to Let us try to help you before you post a bad rating


    Note that after download, this App does NOT open in the normal sense, it just starts recording

    Use it to Record Audio secretly. Nobody will notice that you are recording

    Use this App when you do not need to Record Pictures (i.e. Video). Audio Files only require a fraction of the File Size compared to Video Files

    This App will only work on devices with an (internal or external) SD Card, to save the Audio Files on. Download the App, and check to see if it works on your device

    Use this App to Record Secret Audio in business meetings, lectures, conferences, on work as a private detective, etc, while reading the news, browsing the web, checking your email account, making phone calls, and for most other purposes. You can also black out (or close) the screen without affecting the Audio Recording

    You can use it as a hidden Recorder, or as a simple normal Mono Voice Recorder. If you want to use it to record your Phone Calls, the best result is often obtained by turning on the speakerphone during the call

    This free version (SARF) is meant to be a trial for the Pro version, even though it is a fully working Audio Recorder. However, each Recording is limited to 15 minutes in this Free version. If you like this App, you may want to buy the
    Pro Version (Secret Audio Recording Pro, SARP), for which there is No Recording Time Limit. It can also hide files, change icons, send Emails


    - Recording starts and stops in background
    - One Touch Recording
    - Optional setting of your own Storage Folder
    - Just click on the Icon to Start or Stop Recording
    - Text Notifications are optionally shown when Recording Starts and Stops
    - Click on the Status Bar Notification to see the Recorded Audio File
    - Installed with the Name SARF and a common Launch Icon, to hide its real purpose
    - Audio File Names start with SAR_AUDIO_, date and time, and end with .3gp
    - On a PC, Audio Files can be played by e.g. QuickTime, which can be downloaded free of charge
    - Selectable Audio Quality
    - A Default Audio Sampling Rate of 16 kHz is used, which is an acceptable compromise between Audio Quality and Recording File Size
    - The Default Recording File size is approx 160 kB pr minute, corresponding to approx 6 minutes pr MB, or 4 days pr GB)
    - Automatic File Deletion
    - Sound Activated Recording
    - Note that the Audio Volume is determined by your device only, and not this App


    - If this App does not seem to work on your Device, try another Storage Folder
    - Does NOT work with Skype and Free IP Phone Calls


    1. To Start an Audio Recording, click on the Icon with the Name SARF
    A Text Notification will briefly show that the recording has Started
    While a Recording is ongoing, the word SAR is shown in the Statur Bar Notification Window (On some devices, the Start Time is also shown)
    2. To Stop an Audio Recording, click on the Icon again
    Otherwise it will automatically Stop after 15 minutes
    A Text Notification will briefly show that the Recording has Stopped
    3. To Hear the Audio, click on the Notification Text in the Status Bar, which shows that an Audio File is Recorded
    4. The Audio Files are normally stored in Folder /mnt/sdcard/tmp
    5. If the Storage Folder is not found, click on SARF Settings to change it

    If you want to remove the sounds and vibration which you normally hear when you touch a button, use the Menu of your device, normally found at Settings->Sound, and disable the required sounds

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