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    Shaanxi music radio [xian and in the middle FM98.8 yanan 97.5 yulin 94.8] on March 28, 2003 premiere, covering xian, yanan, yulin and the surrounding areas, uninterrupted broadcast 24 hours, the contents of the programme health anacreontic, fashionable new, by 25 and 45 years old group of audience love.

    Shaanxi music broadcasting in 2011 a new facelift, with "fall in love with a city, fall in love with a voice", as the latest music broadcasting in shaanxi propagate language and program positioning, with music and love of music radio series shaanxi emotional connotation, focusing on various categories music festival purpose at the same time, it will be human care, helping and love each other, respect for the feelings of optimism into our a show every, every song, every line of words. We use more close to the perspective of civilians, with the idea of more urban temperament, show city each corner moved our voice and events, the city of every day in the life of the ordinary people not ordinary, write a good movement through the waves in the sight of the present more people and ear, let them as a broadcast of the stars characters have been staged, let beautiful singing of the ordinary people express notes become heart feelings grand accompaniment, let our audience understands, music programs are not necessarily art-house or moon, it is on our side, each one of us can become music the main character in the story; Shaanxi music radio team also active public welfare undertakings, and a spark of his love through the radio as the platform fire potential of the formation, 2011 music broadcasting in shaanxi founded the "988 radio love volunteer team", the compassion activity since then become more standard and systematic, we have led the audience will our love seeding the "youth love library", "project hope love music classroom", international horticultural expo volunteers recruitment, "earth hour" environmental protection activities, regression village visitation etc love of activities. "Radio love extending hope", is our good music in the transfer at the same time, the desire to advocate and a heavy connotation. Shaanxi music radio, with belong to 988's exclusive frequency, the beautiful and pure sing to each love life audience.

    Shaanxi music radio use of international professional music radio program structure, adhere to the "people-oriented", emphasize "team spirit", undergraduate and postgraduate diploma accounts for 100%, many comrades have international professional study background. Music radio was named "shaanxi people's broadcasting station advanced collective", "earthquake relief advanced group, has been awarded" national movement red flag the youth corps cell ", "the red flag of shaanxi province, the youth corps cell", "the WenMingGang" honorary title, in xian city rate integrated rank first.

    Shaanxi music radio broadcast media efforts to break the traditional boundaries to more active, creative, vogue, new kind of attitude and style radio show "new" media charm. Multinational live "Bonn, Germany, Beethoven music festival, in" the sound of German headquarters Asia group lesson plan meeting "was as international media cooperation on classic case; Live "sino-german 35 anniversary-the German Berlin philharmonic orchestra Beijing concert", become the first in Beijing's great hall of the people live provincial radio; All the anchor jointly compiled the original performance in the play HuaLiLi-live to "is the first radio station by the launch of the" original stage "; As a "2011 xian international horticultural expo-image speak volunteer group," participate in writing "international horticultural expo volunteers theme song" creative, with the practical action on behalf of xian young strength, xian display dynamic image.

    City bounded, love and boundless, shaanxi music radio invite you together and we fall in love with a city, fall in love with a voice, in love with 988.

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