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    Shaanxi traffic broadcasts

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    2000-2009 for 10 years to rate in the survey are advertising in Shanxi Province first.

    In 2008, shaanxi traffic broadcasts was elected as wide association in transportation committee, vice President of Taiwan, brand influence, show popularity, advertising programs and so on index among the advanced transportation stations ranks.

    Radio pioneer, sound power-in shaanxi traffic broadcasts on 15 December 1995 the official launch medium-wave, June 6, 1999, FM broadcasting, June 6, 2002, realize 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast, in early 2004 XiBao realize--west Tong FM radio synchronous covered. For many years, FM91.6 always adhere to the shaanxi traffic on life, to provide the most authoritative and comprehensive traffic traffic news information as the goal, advocate "the quality first, the earth shall have a road, 916", for many years, shaanxi traffic broadcasts in Shanxi Province has become mobile people understand promptly accurate information, all relevant information road conditions of service the most authoritative and professional characteristics of strong radio media.

    Service audience, program-has a group of leading by the audience favorite traffic, entertainment and music program; The large volume of broadcast every fixed "traffic information" and from the traffic police command center's big screen road conditions, be the audience especially taxi and people having travel route choice as the important reference.

    Multiple channels, information lead, "traffic information authority issued" the strength of the media, shaanxi high-speed group founded "shaanxi traffic broadcasts the reporter station"; Show executive vice mayor on many occasions: tubal branch in bad weather and emergencies, be sure to be with shaanxi traffic broadcasts number to release information; Waste of xian city bureau released designated as the only authority crackdown action results media; Xian the traffic police illegal information authority issued driver radio; Xian city taxi administration rules published legal window; Xian municipal construction bureau released to the citizen construction information, snow, fog, and so on the whole city to listen to a voice! In early 2006 the first city northwest electronic map road conditions and editing software put into use, traffic information, split line, congestion analysis be clear at a glance.

    Ten years management, brand advantage-successful completion of the XiBao, west Tong, west yan, the new airport, and to encourage, han yangquangou multi-arch march around the city seven highway, west copper level of roads and urban road, a ring road traffic information "to listen to the DiShiPai" setting; And "TAXI station light box" for the carrier FM91.6 image advertisement released in xian city, the radio traffic increased enormously in shaanxi province of social influence.

    Significant activities, planning ahead-1999 after broadcasting, three important activities will live the influence onto a new height: August ZhuChaoHui leap live hukou, November live report "11.24 sea" disaster situation, December hosted and live "as fire fighting hero ZhengHong fundraising" activities, shaanxi traffic broadcasts for urban social vulnerable groups to run the survival of the lobby, which embodies a strong social justice let audience praise unceasingly; Arbor Day activities to become citizens of the routine to xian is activities; "38", ""," the disabled day ", "AIDS day" and so on, for different people reflect concern that can really make her heart become citizens of the green radio. And the traffic planning the various major activities broadcast as "rock concert", "Oscar movie concert", "New Year concert" also be in xian city culture rich in the cause of playing a positive role.

    Skilled in marketing, lead, earned income for four consecutive years, monophonic satisfaction rate and the audience in Shanxi Province in advertising revenue of the same media, monophonic advertising revenue of western China topped the list.

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