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    Shadjam is a Carnatic (Indian classical) music application. It provides information about Ragas, Talas, popular Composers in Carnatic music. It also includes Carnatic lessons with different playback options for learners. Complete list of features are listed below. The idea behind this application is to make information and tools related to Carnatic music available in one place.

    Current Features of Shadjam:
    - Thousands of Ragas with information and playback of Aarohana and Avarohana for each Raga
    - Search or Browse Ragas by name or by Swaras
    - Moorchana / Scale playback for all ragas
    - Pitch / Sruti adjustment
    - Tempo / Gati adjustment
    - Continuous playback option in loop
    - Raga info can be shared (e.g: via Email, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
    - Ragas and Composers can be searched from the global android search by enabling Shadjam in search options. E.g; Google Now, QSB.

    - Information about 35 Talas per 'Suladi Sapta Tala' scheme. Talas can be looked up by Tala name and Tala Jaati
    - Audio playback for all talas
    - Tempo / BPM adjustment
    - Continuous playback option in loop
    - Tala info can be shared (e.g: via Email, Facebook, Google+, etc.)

    - Brief biography of well-known Carnatic composers (Vaggeyakara)
    - Search or Browse composers by name

    - Carnatic lessons for learners. Current lessons include: Sarali, Janta & Datu Swaras, Alankarams, Geetams, Swarajatis, Varnams and other non-carnatic songs with notes. Lessons will be updated on a regular basis.
    - Basic Lessons can be played in any of the 72 Melakarta ragas
    - Playback options: 5 speed variations, 128 instruments, Pitch adjustment, repeated playback in loop

    - Glossary with information about key terminology of Carnatic Music (Ragam, Talam, Sruti, etc.)
    - Usage info

    - Change themes with dark and light variations of different colors to suit your mood and style
    - Configure default Sruti/pitch
    - Configure default instrument for Lessons
    - Enable extended list of Ragas, which includes thousands of Ragas. Please note that it takes a little while to load the long list of Ragas. If you think you are seeing too many not so well-known ragas in your Raga page, disable this option. You can enable it anytime.
    - Enable background playback. Sometimes you might want to turn off your screen or switch to another app while practicing lessons. Enable this setting to keep the audio in Shadjam running while you take care of other things.

    Note: ShadjamLite version is ad-supported. Shadjam has no ads.

    Planned Features:
    - Pitch drone / Sruti box
    - Sahityam for lessons
    - Information about Carnatic Instruments / Vadya
    - More info and tools related to Carnatic music

    Please email your feedback, suggestions, feature requests and issues, if any, to the developer ( or post them in our social network pages in Google+, Facebook or Twitter.


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