Benefit concert:
    “To Continue our Dream—Be Heard by Everyone” on Saturday, March 31st 7:30 PM, at the National Theatre Concert Hall – Main Plaza.

    Tap the drum, jiggle your phone, play music with us all night long!

    Did you download two apps released by Wind Music: FrogWaWa and BirdChuChu?

    Wind Music proudly presents our latest app: ShaShaSha, an app that contains six different percussion instruments, including Djembe, Woodblock, Sleighbell, Güiro, Shaker, and Wind chime. It’s your choice to play each percussion instrument alone or all six of them together! If you think an app with sounds only is not cool enough, here’s more to the app: each instrument contains a glow stick which comes in five different colors including red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Colors of glow sticks shine when you play each instrument, so take advantage of playing with your band at night. Even when you don’t play the percussion instrument, letting glow sticks shine in the dark in also a fun thing to do at night.

    ShaShaSha is an app for you to have fun by yourself or with your friends, and an app that you can bring to the concert and perform with our musicians and others on the day of the concert! Let’s meet this year on May 31st at National Theatre Concert Hall – Main Plaza, play instruments, enjoy, and have fun in the evening!

    1.Go to “Instruments,” choose one instrument, tap on the screen or jiggle the phone to play the sound of the instrument. Guiro and wind chime can both be played by scrolling vertically and horizontally with your fingertip. Striking the Djembe at either the center of the skin or near the edge can produce two different sounds.
    2.“Ensemble” allows you to play multi-instruments at the same time, produce sounds by tapping the instruments.

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