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    It is believed that a devotee who enchants the Shiv Tandav Stotram every morning is blessed with Lord Shiva's grace and blessings all through his / her life.
    The Shiv Tandav Stotra Written by the Greatest Shiv Bhakt of all "RAVAN" or "DASHANAND" or "LANKESH', the Ten Headed King of Lanka and Demons, the Great scholar. He had a wish, that every morning he would wake up and be able to see his Lord Shiva, for this he requested Lord Shiva to come and stay with him and he denied so Ravan decided to pick up Kailash Parvat and bring it along with him to the Lanka and he did managed to pick it up on his head but couldn't move against the will of Lord Shiva, So this was the time he decided to win over Lord Shiva with his tapasya (meditation) He played (veena) music with his intestines and sang this stotra and that's where and when this Stotra got made.He also managed to win over Lord Shiva and also got his wish and Lord Shiva gave him a shiv Ling to take along but there was a condition that once this Ling is kept on the ground it couldn't be moved.
    It is said that when he was tired of rampaging across the earth, Ravana returned to Lord Shiva to request moksha, release from the bondage of endless rebirth. Shiva replied that he had granted Ravana the boon of indestructibility, and that Ravana must instead seek moksha from Lord Vishnu(According to srimadbhagavatam chanto4 chapter6 verses 43 to 50 it is clear that shiva is ordaining jivas to spiritual world and heavens etc. So shiva can give liberation to any one. But ravana was jaya who is guarding the entrance of lord vishnu's residence and cursed by four sons of brahma and his destiny lies in the hands of lord vishnu). In this version of Ravana's story, his battle with Rama can be interpreted as a pretext to attain death, and through death, liberation. Ravana's poignant cry in the final quatrain of poetry — "When will I be happy?" is echoed by modern man in his quest for earthly fulfillment and ultimate liberation from its bondage.

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