Shortstop, The by Zane Grey

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    Shortstop, The by Zane Grey

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    The Shortstop by Zane Grey.

    Zane Grey (Pearl Zane Gray) born in 1872 in Zanesville, Ohio was best known for his western stories, most notably Riders Of The Purple Sage which has been filmed four times, the last in 1996 starring Ed Harris and Amy Madigan. Among his other interests was baseball. He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a baseball scholarship where he earned a degree in dentistry. Grey later played minor league baseball with a team in Wheeling, West Virginia. According to the Internet Movie Data Base he is credited with 110 films made from his stories and books. Grey died from a heart attack in 1939 in Altadena, California. In The Shortstop (1909) drawing on his baseball experience Grey follows the adventures of seventeen year-old Chase Alloway on his quest to make his fortune as a baseball player and lift his family out of poverty. Along the way young Chase encounters hardship and set-back. But with perseverance he discovers not only himself but friendship and love. (summary by Rowdy Delaney)

    Total running time: 5:16:41 Read by Rowdy Delaney

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  • Chapter 01 00:08:41
  • Chapter 02 00:07:28
  • Chapter 03 00:20:19
  • Chapter 04 00:11:31
  • Chapter 05 00:15:55
  • Chapter 06 00:26:39
  • Chapter 07 00:23:55
  • Chapter 08 00:15:47
  • Chapter 09 00:27:42
  • Chapter 10 00:13:54
  • Chapter 11 00:18:57
  • Chapter 12 00:25:57
  • Chapter 13 00:28:05
  • Chapter 14 00:23:06
  • Chapter 15 00:26:13
  • Chapter 16 00:22:32

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