Shotgun sounds




    Include gun sounds ranging from rock, knife, arrow and bow, pistol, sniper, shotgun ringtones over Kalashnikov and gun sounds to tank, bomb, artillery battery, big gun sounds and nuclear bomb.
    Weapon ringtones from prehistorical ages up to modern weapon sounds.
    This fascinating loud and crystal clear effect will delight you. Shotgun sounds first.
    No boring animations, just pure audio. Shake and shot.
    Prank your friends, they'll love it. Weapon sounds are very realistic.

    List of weapon sounds:
    • Slap - the effect of lift and and slap
    • Rock - momentum and the effect of the rolling stones as weapon sounds.
    • Slingshot
    • Battle axe - swing and a few strokes on wood
    • Army Knife - the effect of removing the cover and direct puncture
    • Arrow and Bow - the effect of tightening the strings and hit in target. Arrow through the air.
    • Sword - momentum and ringing sound of the swords
    • Handgun - filling the barrel with bullets, tension and a few shots with ricochet
    • Tomahawk - Indian axe throwing and attacks.Very good effect when you shake the phone
    • Shotgun sounds ringtones - Standard good shotgun sounds
    • Flame thrower - burning of weapon sounds and effect of its action
    • Automatic Gun sounds - reload and rapid fire, submachine sound
    • Silencer Gun sounds - reload and single shot with gun sounds
    • Grenade - mining Fuse and blast bomb
    • AK 47 Kalashnikov - Popular Kalashnikov, reload and firing a realistic short fire
    • Sniper Rifle - reloading and very good sound effect of shooting on distance
    • Machine Gun sounds - reload and firing
    • Artillery battery - charging of battery and fire
    • Bazooka - rocket-propelled grenades - sound exit missiles and its impact on target
    • Big gun sounds - charging the cannon and blast that will delight you
    • Helicopter - in low flight, and when you fire missiles
    • Tank - check the tank from a distance and shot
    • Submarine radar sound
    • Rocket Missile - effects when launching and sound when it explodes
    • Airplane Raptor F-22
    • Airplane Sukhoi Su 33
    • ICBM - Intercontinental ballistic missiles - nuclear bomb
    • WAR - Sounds of a military march and ringtone of the city close combat.

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