Silent Period Pro




    Make your phone in silent mode for a while.
    This is an application which could help you to set the time period for the silent mode.
    Come on to have a try.


    1.Most important function:Set the silent time for your phone.Maybe you need to get a few minute to get silence. OK.This applcation could help you.

    2.What's more,you could check the current time on the main interface of the application.

    User Instructions:

    1.Install this application Silent Period Pro to your phone.

    2.Open this application.

    3.Select the time duration for the silent mode.

    4.The starting time of the silent mode is your current time shown on the user interface.

    5.Click the button of Silent Mode Change and the silent mode will begin to work.

    Different from ordinary silent mode,it could return to the normal mode after a certain time period.
    So that you will not miss any important message and calls.

    Some will ask why I could not uninstall it successful.
    Please read the following uninstall steps carefully.

    If you have activated this application,please go to setting to deactivate first.
    Go to settings--> Location & Security--> Select administrator device-->Then choose this application to deactivate.
    OK.Now you could uninstall it successful.

    Please send us an email if you have any question or suggestion.

    Silent mode on a cell phone silences the ringtone when an incoming call is received. Depending on your phone model, the phone may be completely silent or it may vibrate rather than ringing. Some phones have a menu that allows you to choose whether the phone vibrates when it is silent mode.

    Remember to switch your ringer back on when you no longer need your cellphone to be muted; otherwise, you may miss important calls or messages. Airplane Mode can be especially problematic. In Silent Mode, you may still see visual notifications that you've received calls or texts, but you won't see these notifications at all until you turn off Airplane Mode.