Silent Time Duration




    Set silent mode when you need quiet moments.
    This application would allow your phone to have a few moment of silence.
    Wanna have a try?

    How to use this application?
    It is very easy and simple to use this application.
    First step, set the time duration.
    Then,Click the button of "Silent Mode Change".
    OK.The silent mode will start from the current time.

    Main Features:
    1.This application could be installed for free.

    2.It is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

    3.The current time could be displayed but could not be changed.

    4.It allows to set time duration for the silent mode.

    5.It supports to give you quite a few quiet moment.

    6.Android application for scheduled silence mode.

    7.Using a timer set on and back off your phone silent mode.

    For example,you are attending an important job interview.
    At this time, you could use this application to help you.
    Set the time period for the silent mode.
    So even if you have an incoming message or call,it will not disturb you.

    What's more,you don't have to worry that you forget to make it return to normal.
    It will do that automatically.

    Do you like this functional application?
    If you like it,please give it a chance to offer service for you.
    If you have any question,please contact us by email.

    Silent mode is a kind of setting available on mobile phones and pagers that, when activated, disables the ringtones and, in some cases, also the vibration. Unlike the airplane mode, the silent mode still allows the device to receive and send calls and messages.

    This quiet option is useful in several situations or places, such as meetings, speeches, libraries, museums, or places of worship. In some places it is mandatory to use the silent mode or to switch off the device.