SimpleSpectrogram displays the voice-print on your phone screen.
    The voice-print express the strength of each frequency of the voice by the color.
    It starts as soon as it's launched. So it is very easy to use. If you talk to your phone, you can see the pattern(voice-print) on the screen.
    Even if the same word is spoken, the voice-print is slightly different depending on the person. So, the person can be specified.
    Moreover, it reacts not only to person's voice but also to the chirrup, babelic in town, and others.

    The following screen shots are person's voices, the whistle, musical instrument's(Cello) sound, 1000Hz sine wave, 1000Hz sawtooth wave.

    Screen 800×480 or more , and OS Version 2.2 or more... I'm sorry for other one.
    There is no advertisement.
    This application program can be copied onto SD Memory Card.

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