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    Help your children sleep like angles by using the soothing lullaby music from the top free app - 'Sleepy Eyes Lullaby Sounds'! Play these beautiful sleep songs for babies and children of all ages every night and you'll be surprised by the effects it produces on your kids' sleeping habits. The great music for relaxation in this free app will help you establish a perfect bedtime routine that your kids will simply adore and you'll finally be able to recover from sleep deprivation.

    Songs for kids on your mobile phone!
    Perfect sounds for sleeping!
    Set the time interval or let it sing constantly until your children fall asleep!
    These beautiful “baby lullabies” will help your child sleep like an angel!
    How do I get a baby to sleep is a question that will never pop in your mind again!

    One of the most enjoyable ways to prepare a child for sleep is to play soft and pleasant music, such as lullaby music. It can be a great part of a child’s bedtime routine. It will turn into something that your child will look forward to, allow them to decompress from their day and have a little calm and quiet time to help them get drowsy. Therefore, get 'Sleepy Eyes Lullaby Sounds' free from the market and you'll be surprised to see the beneficial effect this soothing music will have on your kids.

    Combine these lullaby songs with popular nursery rhymes and you'll encourage your babies' early development of rhythm and language. Based on research there seems to be a strong link between music and the development of language. Music that babies are exposed to can help them improve upon their language skills much more efficiently.

    “Lullaby music” is a stress reducer and it has been replicated in a number of studies that, when the soothing lullaby music is played, an agitated baby of child can go into a more restful and calm state, often falling into a restful sleep. It also has a great effect on their physical health. Calming lullabies help the baby to become relaxed and well rested. It has been noted that even the baby's heart rate changes when slow calming musical pieces are played.

    Children can benefit from many types of music. “Nursery rhymes”, lullabies, songs of nature, holiday songs and religious songs all teach children different things about the world around them. These songs should be incorporated into a child's life on a weekly basis, either at school or home. In this way, music becomes more than just rhythm and sound - it becomes a means for learning about different aspects of life.

    Finally, there is NO down side to playing your child soothing lullaby music as they prepare for bed. After all, the bedtime routine can be one of the most frustrating times of the day for a parent. Why not make it easier for yourself and your child. Bedtime routines can be enjoyable. Add a little lullaby music today. Get this free app for your phone and enjoy!

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    This is a free application. Songs are originally designated to lull a child and they are believed to be in a public domain. If you are an author of a song or you are aware that copyright belongs to a commercial author, please report to us immediately. Thank you!

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