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    Learn how to play slide guitar with this app that utilises some 43 video tuition lessons.

    The first 15 lessons are included and the others can easily be added.

    Learn To Play Slide Guitar - Acoustic Blues Beginner Slide Lesson
    How to Tune Your Guitar - Open D Tuning for Slide Guitar
    Guitar Lesson Slide Guitar Basics
    Beginner Blues Slide Guitar Lesson - Acoustic Slide Guitar
    Learn how to play blues slide guitar open G tuning lesson on a Fender Stratocaster
    How To Play Slide Guitar Intro To 1930 Bottleneck Blues Style
    Slide Guitar for Beginners - Part One - Roy Fulton
    Delta Blues - Slide guitar lesson-Part 1- The Old School-Muddy Waters
    Delta Blues Guitar Lesson Fred Mc Dowell
    Open G Tuning - Easy Slide Guitar Lesson
    Open G tuning guitar lesson Rolling Stones Black Crowes use
    Lesson Walkin Blues in Open G
    Walking Blues R Johnson Guitar Lesson by Siggi Mertens
    Learn to play slide guitar
    Slide Guitar Lesson 2 - A basic Slide exercise by Dan Green
    Slide Guitar Lesson 3 - Putting it together
    Slide Guitar Lesson 4 - Your first blues tune by Dan Green
    Common Fingerpicking Patterns Part 1
    Beginning fingerstyle guitar Learn Freight train 1 tablature
    Blues Slide Guitar lesson Part 1 with Johnny Dickinson and NK Forster Guitars
    blues slide bottleneck guitar copy and play
    Easy Slide Blues Guitar Lesson in D Tuning
    Matt Smith Gives A Killer Slide Guitar Lesson - Part 2
    Matt Smith Gives A Killer Slide Guitar Lesson - Part 1
    The Basics of Bottleneck Slide
    Learn acoustic slide blues guitar open E alternate tuning ala Peter Green lesson on a Taylor
    Slide Guitar Lesson - Shuffle in the key of D Rhythm Guitar Part 2 - David Hamburger
    Electric Slide Guitar Lessons - Geoff Hartwell - Elmore James with Pull Lick
    Slide Guitar Lesson - Shuffle in the key of D Guitar Solo Part 1 - David Hamburger
    Andy Aledort Gives A Lesson On Playing Slide Guitar
    The Art Of Slide Guitar
    Little Red Rooster taught by Fred Sokolow
    Learn how to play beginner electric blues rock slide guitar Allman Brothers inspired lesson
    Open D picking lesson
    Wine Bottle Cutting 30 seconds Perfect Edge Bottle Cutter GreenPowerScience Bottleneck Guitar Slide
    Feelin Bad Blues Tutorialmov
    Matt Smith Gives A Lesson On Opening Tuning
    How to play the blues in open D tuning
    National Duolian Slide Lesson
    Guitar Lesson Standard Tuning Slide Lick
    Slide Guitar Lesson Amazing Grace
    Slide Guitar Lesson Minor Licks
    Slide Guitar Lesson

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