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    smartChord is THE app for every musician - from beginner to professional. In addition to more than 1,000,000,000 chords and fingering options, it integrates many other interlocking tools: Tuner, Metronome, Scales, Songbook(+), Setlist(+), Chord Progressions(+), Arpeggios, Circle Of Fifths, Reverse Chord Finder, Transposer, Musical Audio School , Virtual Instrument, ...

    Guitar, Bouzouki, or Mandolin: For a variety of string instruments, the specific chords, notes and moods are visually and acoustically presented - for viewing and listening - for predefined and custom tunings, from 3 to 8 strings, from the first to the last fret, with capo, for left- and right-handed, ... Whether for the classroom or for fun around the campfire - smartChord offers almost everything a musician's heart desires.

    Contains almost all chord types and possible fingerings
    For a variety of instruments such as guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, ukulele
    Includes more than 350 predefined tunings (for example, Drop D or Rain Song)
    Supports any tuning with 3 to 8 strings
    Provides modes suitable for the skill level (beginner, intermediate, expert)
    Supports "Slash" chords, capo, the 5-string banjo with shortened string
    With ultimate comfort features like: Filter, Search, Sort, Favor
    Acoustic reproduction of all chords and fingering possibilities
    For right and left-handed people
    Finds the chord name to the handle (reverse chord finder)
    compose and transpose chord progressions (+)

    Personal SONGBOOK
    Find and save all the songs you like - without registration and account
    Millions of songs from the best internet song catalogs like ultimate-guitar, azchords,
    chordie, e-chords, guitaretab, ... for every instrument and tuning
    Transpose between instruments, tunings, keys!
    Intelligent word wrap, zoom and autoscroll feature
    Integrated audio player with A-B loop
    Full screen mode, 'Dark' mode, History, Print, PDF, ...
    Import, Export, Synchronization, share with friends

    Organization of the songs, not just for the performance
    Supports auto-scroll, auto-play, gestures, PDF, full screen and
    Pedals / Bluetooth Devices

    Precise tone determination in every frequency range
    Visualization of the mood at the instrument head
    Special modes for beginners or string changes (+)
    Optional vibration when tuning or visualizing the signal
    Supports all instruments and any tuning
    Pitch pipe for training the musical ear

    SCALES for improvisation
    30 different scales like Mixolydian, Dorian, Pentatonic, Chromatic
    Musical notation, formula and fingerboard
    For all instruments and any tuning
    1000 additional scales (+)
    Diatonic chords (+)
    Patterns show how and where a scale is best to play - including fingering (+)
    The reverse scale search helps to find the key and scales for a lot of notes (+)

    METRONOM for the perfection of timing
    speed trainer
    precise to 300 BPM
    optical, acoustic, vibration
    sound for over 60 instruments

    Learn to distinguish chords and tones of different octaves
    > 80 different instruments
    Learning control by means of statistics


    PLAYGROUND - as a virtual instrument

    TRANSPOSER - for easy transposition

    EXACT TONE GENERATOR to your equipment

    The features marked with (+) are available via in-app payment.

    The press says: "Conclusion: extremely recommendable ..." Apps MAGAZINE, 4/15 ... and our users support this with their very positive statements!

    Your satisfaction is our main concern – therefore we constantly develop smartChord
    based on your suggestions and hints. We look forward to your mails: You are enthusiastic about smartChord? Then give us a "Like" or follow us:

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    A big thank you to all users

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