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    This music player is a new version which will has been added new functions. It will let you get better music enjoyment and suit you better. There are more humanity designs to make it more practical.

    Its key features are as following:

    1. All the songs in your mobile phone can be classified on the basic of their albums and authors. You also can create your own playlist.

    2. When you are enjoying one song, you can pause it or go to the next or last song directly. The button will let you get them quickly and easily.

    3. It is also an audio recorder which you can use to record your own voice. In addition, you can use it to record other sounds or audio.

    4. It is a music editor that you can use it to cut part of one song and edit it. You also can use it to edit your own voice. In this way, you will have a special ringtone.

    5. The new function is that you insert earphone, there will be an icon of earphone appearing; when you draw out the earphone, you will get a prompt.

    6. If you are enjoying songs, a call is coming. The song will be paused and you can answer the call. After you answer the call, you can continue to enjoy the same song.

    Songs Editor Player is one of the best music players in the android market. It is more humanity so that it will fit you better. You will love to use this player.

    Songs Editor Player is not only a music player but also one nice sound editor. Most of the time you want to record the beautiful voice of your wife and son or wife, but you don’t have a recorder. Now your mobile phone can be a brief and nice record which you can use it whenever and wherever to recorder anyone’s voice.

    Songs Editor Player is an audio editor when you love some part of one song very much, you can use it to cut the part and then edit it as your own ringtone. You will be very proud when you hear your own ringtone.

    The humanity design makes this player which will let you use it more comfortable. The earphone mode prompt is a good design to you.

    I hope this player will give you a good enjoyment of music.

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