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    Every day you hear so many sounds including noise and voice and so on. However, have you thought that after work you lonely listen to songs in your home using your mobile phone? This is a kind of enjoyment in your busy life.

    In order to get good listening enjoyment, you had better to have a good music player on your mobile phone. There are so many different music players today that it is impossible for you to try every one. I recommend Songs Exporter to you.

    This is a free music player and it is professional in music. Want to know more about its functions?

    1. When you open this player, it can’t play songs because there is not a song list in it. You need to add the songs in it manually. Touch the MENU button on your mobile phone and then a menu appears from the bottom. You just touch the SCAN button, after a short while, all the songs can be added in this player.

    2. ALL MUSIC has the songs you added in it. Touch it and then you can see the songs’ list on a new page. If you want to listen to one song, you just click it on the screen and then it will be played to you.

    3. In the playing page, you can pause the songs or continue it by the touching the PAUSE/CONTINUE button. If you don’t want to listen to the current songs, you can touch the NEXT ONE or LAST ONE button to listen another song directly.

    4. If you want to make a new list of the songs you like, you can touch the NEW LIST button and then you will be asked to input the name of the new list. In some cell phone, the adding song function in new list may not be used; I will solve this problem in next version.

    5. If you want to support this player, please give it five stars. This player can be better and better with your advice.

    Songs Exporter is a free and easy use music player. It is not an mp3 player which only can play the mp3 format songs, it can play songs not only one format.

    After you install this player on your mobile phone, your mobile phone will become one portable music player, you can listen to songs any time and any place.

    I hope this songs player will give you a good music enjoyment.

    A portable audio player is an individual mobile device that lets the user to listen to recorded audio while mobile. Sometimes a classification is made between a portable player, battery-powered and with one small loudspeakers and a individual player, listened to with earphones.

    The compact cassette, though physically much smaller than the 8-track cartridge, became capable of good sound quality, and longer cassette tapes became available. Cassette decks are introduced for home use, and this encourages the production of pre-recorded music cassettes.