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    Travel at light speed through majestic spiral galaxies and nebulas. With incredible 3D effects that will have you submerged in the mysteries of the cosmos, this app is ideal for meditation and relaxation.

    Visualizations of morphing galaxies are included. View them as they shift, morph, collapse and expand. Then take a breathtaking ride through the tunnels that connect the universe on your way to meet with extraterrestrials!

    From the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll be drawn in by the mesmerizing visuals as you are taken on a fantastical journey through space.

    *** Music choice ***

    47 radio channels with many types of music are available for you to explore from the music icon on the top menu.

    *** TV ***

    You can watch this music visualizer on your TV with Chromecast. This is perfect for parties or chillout sessions. It is a special experience to watch this music visualizer on a big screen. This app is Google Cast-enabled.

    *** Interactivity ***

    You can change the speed of the visual effects with the up and down arrow buttons. interactive gyroscope is included in the full version.

    *** Visual stimulation mode ***

    Press pause to make the music stop. You can then use the app as a visual stimulation tool without music.

    *** Meditation ***

    You can meditate and free your mind from all thoughts with this app anytime and anywhere. This will increase your focus and intuition and give you more energy for the rest of the day. Clear your mind from thoughts by concentrating on any of the visual effects for a few minutes! A tool available in your mobile serves the purpose better, as it is much more convenient and easier to use than a laptop or PC.

    *** Live wallpaper ***

    All the visuals are available as live wallpapers, which can be downloaded from this app.

    **************Upgrading to full version**************

    You can visualize your favorite music from any music player. You can also visualize your music files through the app's internal player.

    An interactive gyroscope is included, which makes it possible for you to control your ride through space and through the tunnels.

    *** Radio channels in free & full version ***

    The music in the radio channels comes from Digital Impulse Radio:

    These channels are included in the app:

    01. Astra Trance
    02. Disco Hits '80s
    03. EuroDance '90s
    04. 9Axis Trance
    05. Alyf Recordings Trance
    06. Ambient & Lounge
    07. Arrakeen Trance
    08. Paradise Trance
    09. Atlas Corporation Trance
    10. Aviv Media Trance
    11. Blues Channel
    12. House Channel
    13. Christmas Channel
    14. Classical Channel
    15. ATG Trance
    16. Country Channel
    17. DKR TecHouse
    18. Emacore Trance
    19. Ambient Fantasy
    20. Gate of Paradise Trance
    21. Jazz Channel
    22. Kuno Trance
    23. Matt Paul Trance
    24. Heavy Metal Channel
    25. Movie Themes Channel
    26. Sounds of Nature Channel
    27. Oldies but Goldies Channel
    28. Ori Uplift Trance
    29. Trance Channel 2
    30. Funk & Electro Swing Channel
    31. Psychedelic Trance
    32. Pulsar Recordings Trance
    33. Reggae Channel
    34. Techno Channel
    35. Rock Hits
    36. Ahmed Romel Trance
    37. French Skies Trance
    38. Sundance Recordings
    39. Rik Tights Trance
    40. Liftburg Trance
    41. Global Trance Channel
    42. Resident DJ Channel
    43. Nick Turner Trance
    44. Victor Special Trance
    45. New Wave '80s
    46. PowerMixNetwork House
    47. PowerMixNetwork Techno & underground

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