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    Spotify Controller lets you control the real Spotify UI on your computer.

    Supports Windows, Linux and Mac (Experimental).

    Spotify Controller lets you control the official Spotify program on your computer.

    PLEASE contact us by mail before submitting low ratings or negative comments.

    * The official Spotify client must be installed on your computer. Please make sure that you can start Spotify and play music with it, prior to using SpotifyController.
    * Linux or Windows. For Linux you must use the the Linux version of Spotify (not the one running under Wine). We have tested SpotifyController on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu. If you get it to work on other versions/platforms please inform us so we can update this information.
    * To be able to populate app with playlists/songs you must have the official Spotify app installed on your device.

    * Start/stop song
    * Skip to next/previous song
    * Use the official Spotify app to populate your own favorite list of playlists and songs
    * Control the volume (using the volume buttons on the device)
    * Configure multiple servers, e.g. if you want to control more than one computer
    * Shortcut in notification bar for easy access (can be disabled)
    * Change color theme
    * Show album art (can be disabled)
    * Animations (can be disabled)
    * Supports both phones (normal screen size) and tablets (large screens)

    Server installation:
    1. Download SpotifyController server from here:
    - Windows:
    - Linux (Ubuntu):
    - Linux (Arch): (NOTE that this is experimental and not maintained by Instant Development)
    - Mac: (NOTE that this is experimental and not maintained by Instant Development)

    To upgrade server:
    1. Extract the new software to the same place.
    2. Run the install script again.

    Known limitations (Windows only):
    * Since the official Spotify client in Windows does not start playing playlists automatically, playlist loading is disabled from the app if you are running Windows.

    Permissions used:
    * External Storage - backup history items and server settings
    * Wifi State - advice the user to use Wifi
    * Internet - access the SpotifyController Server

    * Improved server software. Should be a good fix for those who had permission issues.
    * Inform app user that Windows server does not support playlist loading.
    * Major update to server software. PLEASE upgrade server.
    * Added port to discovery feature.
    Minor fix in server version check
    Fix in server for Linux version where song info was not sent to Android app.
    * Bug fix for screen rotation
    * Support large screens and landscape orientation
    * Added setup guide for first time users
    * Advanced configuration for timeouts and retries
    * Fixed bug for volume toast notifications
    * Fixed bug when entering empty port number
    * Album art
    * Animations
    * Color theme
    * Fixed spelling mistake
    * Remove spaces from hostnames
    * Fixed bug when configuring many servers
    * Added shortcuts on desktop and start menu to start and stop Spotify Controller Server (PLEASE update server software)
    * Changed History concept to Music (list)
    * Remake of playlist/song list to make it nicer to use
    * Option to not start playing a song/playlist that is added from Spotify
    * Option to sort lists alphabetically (instead of by order used)
    * Hide donate option in menu if user has donated
    * Modified icon in notification bar
    * Make sure that music lists does not get too big (limit of 100 items)
    * Remove sound alert when controlling volume
    * Exit-button added in menu
    * Back button did not always work
    * Install Spotify Controller Donate to remove ads.
    * Removed re-occurring dialog when connection fails.

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