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    Stage Assistant is an app for Android that allows you to set up a database with your songs and organize them into set lists and performances. On stage, the app will display the information you entered for each song, like preset numbers, chord schemes or song texts. If you connect a USB MIDI interface and MIDI controller to your Android device, you can switch between songs using MIDI control changes.

    On one hand, you can maintain your songs, set lists and performances and on the other hand you can 'play back' a performance: in this 'live' mode you will see the current and next song's title, artist, notes and additional settings like patch numbers or whatever you like. In addition to that, you can even let it show a blinking tempo bar with the correct tempo you have stored with the song! You can go to the next or previous song by pressing a button or...

    You can even use the MIDI switching facility to go to the next and previous song! Connect a USB MIDI interface to your phone or tablet running Android 3.2 or higher, set your MIDI control change numbers in the preferences and switch songs from your floor controller!

    Please use the free USB MIDI Monitor app to see if your USB MIDI interface is working before purchasing the app if you wish to use the MIDI switching facility. You can find a number of tested devices there as well.

    Enter new songs in the app, import them from your friends or import CSV files that can be easily made on desktops.

    This is the template files for CSV:

    You can also use this Excel sheet and then export to CSV in Excel:

    We appreciate any feedback!! Please report any bugs or wishes by email instead of writing negative reviews!

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