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    Do you want to add some depth to the music you listen on your device ?
    Are you tired of the little tweeting speaker in the device ?
    Do you want to feel the bass in the palm of your hand, same as you feel it in a party inside your heart, while the music is playing?

    This app will make your phone's vibrator act like a subwoofer,.
    your device will vibrate whenever bass comes from your music ! (with cool speaker visualizer)

    It analyzes the music that is being played in the background,
    and triggers the vibrator according to a sophisticated FFT algorithm.
    That way you not only hear the music, but also feel the bass vibrations like it's a mini subwoofer speaker.

    You have the ability to play with the equalizer. By changing the different equalizer bars you get different vibrations response. (can be more clear when turning on the visualizer)
    The equalizer does pretty much what the Frequency cutoff does in a real subwoofer speaker.

    Ringtone Effect - vibrates the phone according to the bass of your Ringtones and SMS notifications !

    "This app literally turns your phone’s vibrator into a subwoofer" -
    "App of the week" -

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    How to use:
    * Play some music in the background (Music with deep bass is recommended).
    * Launch the app.
    * Volume bar changes the volume of the bass response to the music (the power of the vibrator).
    * Tap on the speaker to pop up the menu.
    * Equalizer changes the frequency response of the vibrator. - EQ
    (Like in real subwoofer, you can choose if the EQ reacts to low bass, higher bass or highest bass).
    * Red "LED's" are feedback locating system, each LED respond to its own bass frequency.
    * Turn "Keep working in background" on ( I = on, 0 = off ) to enable the bass effect even when the app is closed.
    * If the bass vibrations feels out of sync, go to Calibrate Timing, press the "Play!" button, and move the seek bar until the bass vibrations are synchronized with the noise.
    * To make the bass effect even stronger, put your device on a table while playing music with bass.
    * A visualizer can be turned on from the settings menu, that way you can visualize the effect and fine tune the response frequency with the EQ and the average settings.
    * You can unlock more skins and remove the ads by upgrading your bass subwoofer vibrator app.

    A fix to the devices that crash can be found in the following link:
    (might fix many other apps that use the same visualizer libs and crash)

    Immersion haptic API is implemented in this subwoofer bass vibrator app.
    The equalizer algorithm is implemented in native code !

    We take no responsibility if the app is harming your device in any way
    (but it shouldn't, the api's for the vibrator are made by immersion, the vendor of android's vibration software).

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