The Second Jungle Book (Audio)

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    The Second Jungle Book (Audio)

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    In The Second Jungle Book, An older Mowgli roams the jungle with his old friends and investigates the ways of his people, a Prime Minister becomes wandering holy man, scavengers tell their tale and we leave India for the far,far north of Canada.
    Kipling draws on the same elements that delighted so many readers in his original masterpiece - a profound knowledge of India, an understanding of jungle animals, and a remarkable imagination.

    Mowgli returns with his faithful companions - Bagheera the black panther, Baloo the lovable bear and Shere Khan the tiger - together with some new friends. Dark comedy, vivid descriptions and pure enchantment combine to create a second, equally powerful tale.

    The Law of the Jungle--which is by far the oldest law in the world--has
    arranged for almost every kind of accident that may befall the Jungle
    People, till now its code is as perfect as time and custom can make

    Richly written, with details and contexts unfamiliar to Western readers, "The Second Jungle Book" lifts imagination and language beautifully. Poetic, and written in a literary style, it shines above most modern prose.

    Jungle Book lives and breaths on its own forever.

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