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    The Time Machine is the premier metronome for both the student and professional alike. It is the first and only metronome on the market that supports any combination of time signature changes!

    Arguably more important than empowering musicians to now use a metronome to play through signature changes, the Time Machine allows musicians to further their study of time itself. Ancient Greek and Indian philosophers defined music as tones ordered vertically as harmonies and horizontally as melodies. Half of your job as a musician then is to master the understanding of time and whether you are student new to counting out a metre or a seasoned professional looking to correctly nail your transitions from 4/4 to 5/4 to 5/8 and back again the Time Machine has arrived!


    - Effortlessly add any Time Signature you can imagine to your metre in any quantity and in any order, easily. Stick with one repeating measure of 4/4, or go from 9/8 to 5/4, or study the aspects of exotic time signatures like 9/6 time (a sixth note?! Appreciate the concept of a triplet in a whole new light!).

    - Now that your metronome truly understands time, you can have a distinct sound effect that sounds on the first beat of each measure even as the number of beats in the measures change. In fact you can override the sounds used for these clicks with your own MP3s if you like.

    - You not only can change the tempo to any speed, you can enter the definition of the beat just as you see it printed in your sheet music. A 12/8 time signature where a Dotted Quarter Note = 66 bpm? Not a problem.

    - No need to stop and setup your metre for the next song, easily save as many as you like and load them up later in seconds. In fact you can go ahead and copy the file to and from your desktop to share with others or for safekeeping.

    - Missed your count? No problem, pause and start any place in your metre you like. Go ahead and change the tempo or add another measure on the fly while you’re at it!

    - There are no additional hoops to jump through to use the Time Machine like a conventional metronome either, it can play straight time with just a click. Our objective was to design for simplicity and let the device do the hard work.

    - And the list goes on…

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