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    An app for listening to the Holy Scriptures of the Quran. A must-have if you practise Islam.

    • You can download the recordings
    • High quality sound
    • Simple design

    "Listen to the Holy Quran"


    TVQuran has a huge amount of tracks from over 120 Quran readers. You can listen to holy scripture recitations which have been organized by reader, or topic, and download them so that you can listen at a later stage, even when you haven't got an internet connection.


    If you practise Islam, you need this app. It's got the complete readings of the holy islamic book, with all the hymns and prayers. You can listen to these recordings through a a well-organized collection, listed by topics, or reader, all nicely displayed alphabetically. Another great thing about this app is that you can download the sound bites to your mobile, just by tapping on the save button. By doing so, you'll be able to listen to them whenever you want, for free. The sound quality is just perfect.


    It's a pretty basic app, without any frills or complicated designs, although it doesn't really need them anyway. And there isn't any advertising, which is always good to hear!

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    by Cecília

    May 26, 2015


    Listen To Holy Quran , Live For All " Sura's " With High Quality And Easy To Use , 120 Reciters full Quran available , supports new download manager with download all button and progress bar , many new features like Repeat,Play next,Share,Random, and Timer.

    Listen To Holy Quran ,for more than 120 reciters with full Quran available
    with features to share surah to your facebook timeline to your WhatsApp and all another social network app
    TVQURAN APP allows you to add star behind your favourite reciter
    also, you can run the application in the background

    if you have any question don't forget to contact us
    the application need your support don't forget to share it with your friends

    THE RECITER LIST IN 20/7/2016
    Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani
    Muhammad Salah Nafea
    Ahmad Saud
    Ahmad Al-Shalabi
    Sulaiman al otaibi
    Majed Al-Zamil
    Abdul-Aziz Alqaraani
    Nemat Al-Hassan
    Ayman Al-Deeb
    Abdul-Mujeeb Benkeran
    Abdul-Rahman Al-Awsi
    Saleh Al-Taleb
    Idrees Abkr
    Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi
    Mohammed Al-Minshawi - Mujawwad
    Abdulwali Al-Arkani
    Fahad Al-Kandari
    Khalid Al-Jileel
    Ibrahim Al-Jebreen
    Mahmoud Al-Bana - Mujawwad
    Abu Baker Al-Shatri
    Ahmad Al-hawashi
    Ahmad Al Ajmy
    Abd Al Rahman AlSodes
    Maher Al Mo'ekle
    Mohammad Hassan
    Sa'd Al Ghamdi
    Yaser Al Dosary
    Mishary Al-Afasi
    Fares Abbad
    Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad
    Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad - Mujawad
    Saud Shuraim
    Ahmad Al-Musbahi
    Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi
    Ahmad Saber
    Ahmad Salamah
    Ahmad No'ene'
    Ahmad Muhammad Amer
    Akram Al-Alakimi
    Ibrahim Al-Akhdar
    AlZain Mohammad Ahmad
    Al-Dukali Muhammad
    Al-Ashri Imran
    Al Ouon Al-Kowshe
    Elhan Tok
    Yassin Reciter
    Anas Al-Emadi
    Basel Al-Rawi
    Tawfeeq Al-Sayegh
    Jamal Shaker Abdallah
    Jaman Al-Osaimi
    Hatem AlWaer
    Khaled Abu-Shadi
    Khaled Al-kahtani
    Khaled Al-Mahna
    Khaled Abd Al-Kafi
    Khalifa Al-Toneje
    Zaki Daghastani
    Sahel Yassin
    Sayed Ramadan
    Shawqi Abd Al-Hameed
    Sherzad Abd Al-Rahman
    Saber Abd-Hakam
    Salah Al-Budeir
    Salah Al-Hashim
    Salah Bu-Khatir
    Adel Al-Kalbani
    Adel Rayan
    Abd Al-bare' Al-Thobeiti
    Abd Al-bare' Mohammad
    Abd Al-Rasheed Saufi
    Abd Al-Wadood Haneef
    Abd Al-Aziz Al-Ahmad
    Abd Al-Aziz Nada
    Abdallah besaghar
    Abdallah Khayat
    Abdallah Al-Juhani
    Abdallah Al-Matrood
    Abdallah Kamel
    Abdallah Taha Serbel
    Abu Al-Hasan Al-Kurdi
    Abd Al-Muhsen Al-Harthi
    Abd Al-Mohsen Al-Obeikan
    Abd Al-Qasem
    Ali Al-Huthaifi
    Ali bin Al-Huthaifi
    Ali Jaber
    Ali Hajjaj Al-Suwaisi
    Emad Zuhair
    Fuad Al-Khamri
    Hani Al-Rufai
    Hussein Al-Sheikh
    Kamel Jaballah
    Omar Al-kzabri
    Maher Shakhashero
    Mohammad Ayoub
    Mohammad Al-Barrak
    Mohammad Al-Tabalawi
    Mohammad Al-Lohaidan
    Mohammad Al-Muhaisni
    Mohammad Jebril
    Mohammad Saleh Al-Aalam
    Mohammad Abd Al-Hakeem
    Mohammad Abd Al-Kareem
    Mahmoud Al-Rufa'i
    Mahmoud Al-Shaimi
    Mahmoud Khaleel Al-hasri
    Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna
    Mostafa Ismael
    Mostafa Al-Lahuni
    Mostafa Al-Azzawi
    Muammar Za
    Moftah Al-Saltani
    Meqdam Hadary
    Musa Bilal
    Nabeel Al-Rufa'i
    Naser Al-Katami
    Hani Al-Rufa'i
    Waleed Idris Al-Munisi
    Waleed Al-Na'ehe
    Yaser Al-Qurashi
    Yaser Al-Mazroo'e
    Yaser Salamah
    Yahya Ahmad Al-Hulili
    Yahya Hawa
    Yousef Al-Showe'e

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