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    Enjoy great guitar effects via USB with this Virtual Amp App.

    At Last, low-latency guitar effects on the Android platform. Since the Dec 2012 release of usbEffects, USB In and USB Out now supports moderately low latency which allows for a very enjoyable guitar experience.

    Because USB Audio does not work with every Android device or USB device, please try out before buying this product.

    The amp sim itself is very basic but includes a realistic tone-stack for nice guitar tone. This app also has a number of virtual guitar effect pedals including:

    Distortion (Green Scream)
    Heavy Metal (Metal of Awe)
    Phasor (Phase Off)
    Wah Wah
    Digital Delay
    Dry Layer
    Looper Pedal (Loop Hub)

    All these effects are now configurable so you can generate a great range of sounds. The Dry layer, while aimed at Bass players, supports maintaining bass while applying effects to mid and top, or vise versa.

    In addition, a basic guitar tuner has been integrated for ease and convenience as well as a Metronome and ability to play WAV files as backing tracks.

    In order to use this Amp Sim, you need:

    1) A , Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Galaxy S3/S4, Sony Xperia U,TX, Galaxy Note 2/Note 3, Galaxy Tab 2/3, HTC One, Galaxy Nexus or other Android device that supports OTG USB audio.
    2) OTG USB cable to suit your device like (
    3) USB Guitar cable like
    ( or
    ( or
    4) An electric guitar.
    5) Fingers that can play guitar!

    Instructions for use:
    1) Connect Guitar and (optionally) headphone or amp to USB device.
    2) Connect the OTG cable to the USB device.
    3) Connect OTG cable to Android device and wait 1 second (USB's power light should come on).
    4) Run usbEffects app.
    5) Allow app to use USB.
    6) If you want USB out (this is the one with low-latency) you need to go to the menu and select USB as the "Output Type", then hit the back button.
    7) Start playing.

    Permissions: Internet/LAN/Wifi permissions are only used for Wifi output feature.
    External storage (SD card) is used for playing backing tracks and reading and writing Loops (in proprietary format only at this stage).

    Not all Android devices support USB accessories by powering the USB bus. Some Android devices such as Galaxy S1, S2 do not support USB Audio. This app is not compatible with all USB devices, and in particular, "3D sound card" type USB devices are not recognized by Android and cannot be supported by this app. Finally when USB devices are powered by your phone, the battery may run down more quickly.

    If you have problems with this app, or suggestions for improvements, please check our FAQ and/or email the developer.

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