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    Enjoy basic effects via USB with this Virtual Amp App. Delay. This app like Delay Effects has a variable latency depending on your device and Android version. The latency is very similar to Delay Effects (1/4 second to 1 second unless you have Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Beans). The main advantage of this app is that it gives you the option of using a USB guitar cable, which may do a good job of getting the guitar signal into your phone for a reasonable price.

    The linked video demonstrates the pay version of this app but gives an idea of what this app is capable of.

    One of the challenges of USB is that there are many android devices and many USB devices, and we cannot test all the combinations. Not all Android devices support USB accessories by powering the USB bus. This app is not compatible with all USB devices, and in particular, "3D sound card" type USB devices are not recognized by Android and cannot be supported by this app. Finally when USB devices are powered by your phone, the battery will run down fairly quickly.

    Despite all these negatives, this is a great app and has several virtual guitar effects pedals including: Distortion and Chorus.

    In order to use this Amp Sim, you need:

    1) A Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 (or other Android device that supports OTG USB).
    2) OTG USB cable to suit your device like (
    3) USB Guitar cable like (
    4) An electric guitar.
    5) Fingers that can play guitar!

    Instructions for use:
    1) Connect the OTG cable to the USB Guitar cable.
    2) Connect OTG cable to device and wait 1 second.
    3) Run usbEffects app.
    4) Allow app to use USB.
    5) Start playing.

    This guitar amp simulator app only inputs sound from USB it does not send sound out the USB cable.

    If you get the message "No USB Detected" it may mean that there is nothing connected, that the Android device is not powering the USB, or that Android has not recognized the USB device and therefore not loaded any driver for it.

    If you have problems with this app, please email the developer. If you want to know if it is possible to have your devices work together, you can try the "USB Audio Tester" app and let us know if it works for that app but not usbEffects.

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