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    Learn how to sing with video singing lessons and vocal training mp3's from Steve Childs of www.VirtualVoiceLessons.Net. This online voice lesson program has taught thousands of people how to sing.

    This app can help make you a great singer with 21 vocal training exercise lessons from one of the world's top vocal instructors.

    Please note that you will need a WIFI connection for this app to function properly.

    The app includes 9 free lessons plus 12 more lessons that can be purchased.

    Lesson Titles:

    Vocal Warmup - FREE
    Vocal Resonance - FREE
    Developing Your Vocal Tone - FREE
    Breathing: Exhalation - FREE
    The Five Tone Scale - FREE
    Controlling Your Voice - FREE
    Vocal Projection - FREE
    Introduction to English Vowels - FREE
    Increasing Your Range, Part 1: The Foundation - FREE
    More Advanced Breathing Techniques
    Advanced Vocal Projection
    Consonant Connections
    How to Control 'EE'
    Increasing Your Range, Part 2: Falsetto
    Increasing Your Range, Part 3: Belt Voice
    Vocal Expression: Controlled Cracking
    Vocal Expression: Sliding
    Intercostal Breathing
    English Vowels, Part 2
    English Vowels, Part 3

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