Blow my Whistle - a three whistles in one app:

    - dog whistle - a choice of sounds in four different frequencies (including ultrasound), so you can call your pet, play with your puppies or use it for training. Animals can perfectly hear specific frequency sounds emitted by this application (even as they are inaudible to humans).

    - S.O.S. emergency whistle - one touch (SOS) you can run cyclical, loud whistle. Very useful in emergency situations, when you need help or assistance, when you have no other way to call for help. It can save your life during an earthquake, after a tsunami, typhoon, tornado, an emergency or other natural disasters.

    - real whistle - use the "blow mode" and blow into the microphone as a real whistle (after five seconds of silence "blow mode" is automatically disabled). You can use it on the stadium, a sports event, perfect for sports fans. This mode is useful anytime and anywhere you need to make some noise and draw attention.

    You can also try whistle as the music of the song:

    "Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby let me know ... " :)

    Install this app and leave on your smartphone, it can be useful both for fun and to help you, when least expect it.

    Have a good time

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