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    Published: 2013-10-14, by .

    The best way yet to discover and enjoy new music - for any time, taste, or place

    • Search using definite or abstract terms
    • Over 1 million user-generated playlists
    • Free to download and no ads whatsoever
    • Clean, intuitive design
    • Smooth, endless playback
    • Make sure you have a wi-fi signal!

    "Make me a mixtape that makes me yours"

    Everyone knows the feeling of struggling to find the appropriate soundtrack for the moment, whether it's for at the office or at the beach, for working out or making out. Sometimes your worn out personal music library just doesn't cut it anymore, and you're in desperate need of some fresh beats. The popular Pandora is one solution, but it's not available internationally, and the library of artists is limited. Enter 8tracks, the mixtape sharing method that's shortly to become your favorite way of listening to music.

    Filter through over 1 million user-generated playlists by artist, tags, or keywords. This can be as concrete as "Devendra Banhart" or "free jazz," or you can find appropriate lists for your mood and activity with searches as abstract as "staring at the ceiling," "autumn morning," and/or "whiskey." If you want music to match it, chances are great that someone else has put together a playlist, which other users can rank and comment upon. You can also take your own spin as a DJ and upload personalized playlists for others to enjoy.

    Save your favorite lists to your profile for quick access later. 8tracks will also analyze your taste and recommend related lists accordingly. You can follow specific users if you find super talented mix artists, and you can also save your favorite individual tracks to a list that links to playable YouTube/SoundCloud clips.

    8tracks is set up to be a 100% legal way for you to listen to music whenever, wherever. It's also completely devoid of ads and totally free to use. The navigation is intuitive and clean, and it quietly (or loudly, if you crank up the volume!) runs in the background of your device. The only caveat has to do with data streaming - you may want to ensure you've got a wi-fi signal, or else you'll insidiously chew away at your data plan as you groove.

    I couldn't recommend 8tracks any more strongly - these days, it's almost exclusively what I use to listen to music. I have no doubt you'll find yourself quickly addicted as well.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 14, 2013


    8tracks is the best playlist radio app for people who care about music to make & discover refreshingly human playlists.

    Want a music player to help you listen to a playlist for a study, workout, yoga, or dating session? Looking for free music to stream like radio? 8tracks is the top music app to discover independent hip hop, EDM, indie rock, dubstep, jazz and many more genres. Choose from nearly 2 million free playlists, each lovingly handcrafted by a real-life human being who listens to music as much as you. Enjoy millions of free songs curated by people around the world.

    What’s different:

    - Free radio app
    - Audio ad free, pure uninterrupted streaming radio
    - Music community sharing and discovering new indie songs
    - Creative playlists with a “soul” behind the music
    - Music discovery for every imaginable genre, mood, or activity worldwide
    - Less repetition
    - YouTube integration

    Join 8tracks’ global community of 8 million monthly listeners and DJs. Stream for free today.

    New in 3.3:
    Mama got a new look, trying to get our sexy on with a slightly new look
    Told some bugs to get lost and never show their sorry faces in this town again

    New in 3.2:
    Slightly updated material design, slightly sexier app
    Now displaying artist info so you can learn more about the people behind the music you love
    Favorite tracks from your notification screen so you don’t even have to go back into the app to show some love
    Onboarding screens where we lovingly teach you how to lovingly use the app that loves you back
    Told some bugs to get lost and never show their sorry faces in this town again

    New in 3.1:
    We added Chromecast support, so now you can beam 8tracks playlists to your TV Starship Enterprise-style.
    Those bugs that were giving you trouble? We told ‘em to scram!
    You can once again sort by trending, newest, and popular. We’re giving the power back to the people.

    New in 3.0:
    Momma’s beautiful new look ain't nothing to shy away from
    Animated playlist covers like we’re in Harry Potter or something
    8tracks Timeline: review playlists you’ve heard and upcoming playlists, travel through time and space
    New Home screen: automatically shows what you listen to most
    Sleep timer: go to sleep whenever the heck you want without leaving the app running
    Tumblr sharing, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, text, email, link, Tinder (just kidding…maybe)
    Performance improvements and bugs swatted
    Sidebar access to your playlist collections

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