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    Grab the best radio from over 30,000 local and global Internet/ FM stations on your Android Phone. Use Grab Radio to listen to your favourite radio stations and podcasts and keep up to date with the latest news and sport.
    “This is a real music lover’s radio app with language and country exploration a real bonus. Burst open your musical horizons and break into unchartered territory’s, with Jazz from Cuba, Grunge from Seattle, Hip Hop from the Bronx or talk radio from the ’auld sod’…(that’s Ireland in case you’re wondering!). So whether your Ryan is a Seacrest or a Tubridy, your George is a Boy or a Hook, Grab Radio is the one for you. “
    Catch up with all the latest news and sport while getting to work every morning or keep up-to-date with the goings on in your hometown while the other side of the globe.
    Radio Station not providing track data and you love that tune? No Problem! Just use our built in Shazam feature to get that song.
    So come on all you music junkies download and discover the audio and visual feast that is Grab Radio and discover a world of music, for less than its costs to download a tune!
    Grab Radio Features:
     Instant access to 30,000 radio stations worldwide without having to download separate radio apps!
     Search for your station directly or through specific categories such as Local radio, talk radio, Sports radio, Music genre, Artist, Location, Popularity, podcasts etc……
     vote for songs or topics using the thumbs up/down buttons
     Add favourite stations for easy access again and again.
     Tag all the tunes you like to your tagged songs list and listen to them again and again for FREE using the YouTube button.
     Alternatively, use the built-in Shazam feature to identify that track!
     Seamlessly interact with the Amazon store using the ‘Grab’ button to add to your music collection
     Connect to an artist’s Facebook & Twitter feeds via the ‘More’ button
     Choose different Stream Types depending on 3G or wireless signal strength
     Plays in background while you run other apps
     Fall asleep to GrabRadio with our built in sleep timer

    We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service we possibly can. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions or would like to know more about our products and services. We are very keen to hear any feedback you may have to give us!

    * "Shazam" is a third-party app that must be loaded on to your Android device in order for Shazam
    functionality to be available, some versions of Shazam can incur a cost.

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