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    This music note identification trainer is a follow up to the free 'Treble Clef' and features separate quizzes on notes of the Grand Staff, Treble Clef and Bass Clef. Ideal if you want to improve your music theory

    Being a piano teacher myself and taking on board feedback from fellow teachers and pupils, I wanted a simple app that would help my pupils read notes in a way which was tailored to their experience and ability. I wanted this from a single click of a button instead of complex menus, check boxes and sliders

    This app has 6 levels covering various ranges of the notes found in the Treble Clef, Bass Clef and Grand Staff. Please purchase 'Grand Staff' for the remaining levels

    It is purely designed to give the learner a strong foundation of non accidental note reading. Apps for key signatures, timing and other aspects of music theory will follow


    - 6 working levels - each range specified before play

    - Quizzes are scored and timed

    - Correct note stated when incorrect answer given

    - Phone vibrates when incorrect answer given

    - Installs straight to SD card

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