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    Radio MD is an application that lets you listen Live and over Streaming radio stations of Moldova. You can listen to radio stations while doing something else with your mobile or tablet. The application has Favorites list in which you can place your favorite stations. With all type of connections (WiFi, 3G, etc) you can stay listening where ever you are.

    List of radio stations:

    1. Radio Jurnal FM
    2. Radio Maestro FM
    3. Radio Megapolis FM
    4. Radio Noroc
    5. Radio BEAT
    6. Radio Kiss FM
    7. Radio 21
    8. Яскраве Радiо
    9. Radio Eco FM
    10. Radio ZUM
    11. Radio Muz FM Moldova
    12. OM Radio
    13. Radio Alla
    14. Radio Sanatatea
    15. Radio Hit FM Moldova
    16. Radio Pro FM Chisinau
    17. Radio 7 Chisinau
    18. Radio Moldova Actualitati
    19. Radio Moldova Muzical
    20. Radio Moldova Tineret
    21. Radio Plai
    22. Radio Aquarelle FM
    23. Radio Albena Taraclia
    24. Russkoe Radio
    25. Pubika FM
    26. Micul Samaritean Moldova
    27. Radio Logos
    28. Haliz Gagauz Radiosu

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