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    Let's face it -- introductions get stale. Now here is a random music player that starts each song in a random place to break up the monotony. It also brings a random list button that plays a random album, artist, or playlist when pressed. It even lets you switch to the next song while the phone/tablet is locked; and to the next random list.

    Key features:
    -- Immersive album art display (seriously, it's almost everywhere)
    -- Playlist creation and editing, with filtering and sorting
    -- Random start position within the song
    -- Random list button that randomly chooses an artist, album, or playlist.
    ---- Artists or albums that only have one track are grouped together to avoid small lists
    Volume control sequences (Works even while the phone is locked)
    down, up: next track
    down, up, down, up: next random list
    down, down, up, up: previous track
    down, down, down, up, up, up: rewind 30 sec
    down, down, down, down, up, up, up, up: fast-forward 30 sec
    -- Press the volume-up and volume-down buttons on the phone at the same time to switch to the next track
    -- Press the volume-up and volume-down buttons on the phone at the same time twice in a row to switch to the next random list
    -- Supports selection of Album, Artist, Playlist, Folder, Search, or Shuffle All.
    -- Equalizer for Android 2.3.3+
    -- Visualizer
    -- Settings dialog
    -- Optional Text to Speech when a new list is selected
    -- Shuffle type can be switched to either Random Next Song or Shuffled List
    ---- Press and hold the shuffle toggle button to access the shuffle type menu
    -- Bluetooth headset controls supported
    ---- Press Bluetooth next-button twice in a row to go to the next random list
    -- Headphone button supported (for headphones that have a single button)
    ---- One click for play/pause
    ---- Two clicks for next track
    ---- Three clicks for previous track
    ---- (Long press options only work for devices where long press doesn't access voice search)
    ---- Press and hold the button to go to next random list
    ---- click, click+hold for fast-forward
    ---- click, click, click+hold for rewind

    App translations are provided in:
    English, español, français, Deutsch, Nederlands, italiano, português, Русский язык, 中国的, 中國的, 한국어 [韓國語], 日本語, العربية

    English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Japanese, Arabic

    Notes on song visibility and album art display:
    If you have just added some songs, they might not be visible right away in Random Music Player. You may need to press the rescan option on the main screen.
    Random Music Player can see the same album art that the default Android music player can. Most of the time the Android media scanner will pick up the album art if it is present in the music track's folder. If the album art doesn't display in the Random Music Player or the default music player, you can find some album art by using an album art finder app, or by adding your own art manually when connected to a computer. If the album art displays in the default music player but not in Random Music Player, you may need to exit Random Music Player (by using the exit button or menu exit option, not by using the back button) and restart Random Music Player, or press the rescan option on the app's main screen.

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