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    Sig.Gen. is a fun to use audio signal generator with a home-made look and feel – as if it were knocked together in a garden shed. Scratch beneath the surface, though, and it’s actually a sophisticated musical gadget. The big friendly dial (which just begs to be twiddled!) allows you to set the tone of the generated signal in either frequency (Hz), or in musical notation – retro dot-matrix displays top and bottom show the equivalence between the two. Music gadget which is great for ear training, tuning, or just for fun!

    What’s more, Sig.Gen. (pro) plays chords and scales! In the options menu, select between eleven popular scales:

    major, major 7th, Dorian minor, blues , pentantonic (major & minor), half-diminished, bebop (major & minor) and bebop (major, maj.7th & minor)

    Play these scales (or their chords) in any key!


    - NEW: polyphonic operation - 3 generators in one!
    - frequency range 1Hz to 20kHz
    - frequency control via dial in steps of 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz
    - pitch control via dial in chromatic steps or (‘pro’ version only) one of eleven defined scales or chords in any key
    - toggle between frequency and pitch control by touching respective displays
    - slider amplitude control
    - slider dial speed control
    - signal shape: sine wave (‘lite’ version) or selectable between sine, square or triangular (‘pro’ version)
    - signal toggled on/off by touching LED

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