VMX Serial Remote for V-Mixer




    An application to control a Roland V-Mixer Mixing Desk.

    This app connects to the Mixer's RS232 port through an inexpensive RS232 Bluetooth Adaptor or a PC/RaspberryPI running a free small background program (VMXProxy - see

    Bluetooth is simplest to set-up but has range limitations. WiFi has much better range and allows multiple users access.

    Roland offer an iPad App to control the mixer, but this uses the USB port preventing USB recording, it also is 1:1 only allowing one user to alter the mixer settings. This app runs on Android (phones or tablets), allows multiple users to control feeds (e.g. Musician's controlling their own monitor mixes), and has a considerably simpler user interface.

    VMX Serial Remote is not endorsed by Roland, and is not an official Roland product. It was written by a Sound Technician looking to solve a problem, and is provided free of charge. By use of a PC and the VMX Proxy script (freeware - available at the listed website) you can simulate a mixer so that you can evaluate the application, before you invest in any connection hardware.

    - Automatic Synchronisation to the Mixer (poll status every 10 seconds)
    - Quickly Set/Clear MUTE buttons, Adjust Fader levels
    - Select which inputs are listed
    - Display MUTE status, Fader values, Channel names, numbers, and connections
    - Can connect via Bluetooth (using RS232 adapter)
    - Can connect via WiFi through free VMXProxy Window/Linux application (autoruns no user interaction required)
    - Multiple connections to the Mixer, each with potentially different access rights
    - Musicians can control their own Monitor Feeds

    When selecting a Channel, you can adjust...
    - AUX Send Settings (guarded to prevent accidental adjustment)
    - Enable/disable of +48v Phantom Power (guarded by lock)
    - Gain Value, Pad Setting (guarded by lock)
    - enable/disable of EQ and Phase (guarded by lock)

    See the website for usage information, and how to get yourself set up.

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