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    AGECityConnect Online Browser or AGE (for short) indexes long web site names with easy-to-remember key words or abbreviations to allow fast access to web sites from mobile phones, tablets. Very fast and easy as users need only to say key in "LAT" or "Los Angeless Times" instead of to access the site.

    Try this once, many users are hooked as it is so intuitive to go to any indexed sites especially online news.

    Users need not key in long web address names any more. Just the easy to remember key words to each web address e.g with CD or China Daily or 中国日报. Similarly "New York Times" or "NYT" for ""

    It is much more intuitive now to access web sites especially online news. Saves lots of time keying in long web addresses for Apps or websites.

    Immediate examples in this app are the key words to access news portals online in countries around the world e.g USA, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and China etc. The App contains the direct hyperlinks as well as the indexed initials/abbreviations and key words in English as well as in native languages.

    Users using this free app will now be ready to read Indexed key words from companies, schools, government departments etc to access their websites.

    Companies may use this intuitive key words to access their web sites. This allows anyone with a mobile or tablet as well as Desktops to quickly access any newspapers or online magazine in the country around the world as more countries are added.

    See our press release here here

    The main landing page is at or app will land directly this AGECityConnect Gateway web page.

    Users using non Android machines e.g IOS may wish to use the Book Mark feature of their mobile phones to create a link to . This way IOS ipad /iphone users may be able to access to the powerful indexed pages at See a video here how to create a book mark.

    On a normal PC or Mac, to users can create a shortcut to the address (which would land at ) by right mouse click, select "Shortcut" and key in the web address "" or

    A shortcut can also be created by loading to the default browser, and then drag the address to the desktop at the desktop .

    Users may also choose to create a favourite at the favourite bar , so that users can easily access the AGECityConnect Gateway page at by dragging the icon. See a Youtube video how to do it here

    Currently Indexing is free for schools, Mosques, Churches, as well as other religious institution and members can use this app to easily reach their organizations easily.

    It is a very useful App to have it ready. It is a wonderful gateway to online news, your churches and schools as well as reaching out to sites of companies, government departments, social sites etc.

    The App is kept simple just like did to their web sites to minimize data download but maximize speed of access. Hence users will see only one single landed page for the app which is From there one can go to any indexed country shown on the page.

    App is small and really useful for all.

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