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    Alternative News is a reader for non-mainstream news and unofficial sources. To find out what the government, newspapers, newscasts and mainstream media do not tell about politics, jobs, economics, finance, banking, currencies, economic crisis, immigrants, etc..
    Alternative News is apolitical, independent and free and has no relations with any publisher or political party.

    Alternative News aggregates news from these websites:
    * ActivistPost
    * TheSleuthJournal
    * DemocracyNow
    * AlterNet
    * Zero Hedge
    * Truthdig
    * SOTT - Signs of the Times
    * CounterPunch

    The application is currently a BETA. If you have any criticisms, suggestions, requests for enhancements or inclusion of other sites or Facebook pages, please do not add negative comments but please send an email to so that we can intervene.

    The English version of Alternative News was made possible by the contributions of Manuel van den Akker.

    Disclaimer: Alternative News is not affiliated nor related with any of the news site cited here or shown in the app. The content the app shows comes from publicly available RSS feeds from the news sites which retains all copyrights and thus the app is not to be held responsible for any of the content displayed.

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