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    Cliqz uses the power of the crowd(s) to bring you the freshest, most relevant content around. It builds a real-time stream of the best news, stories, and videos based on your interests. The more often you use Cliqz, the more it learns about you, and the more personalized your content becomes.

    How does it actually work? People use social networks to share content online. Cliqz analyzes what content is being read and shared, and builds very large groups (+10k) of people based on their common areas of interest: football fans, economists, fashionistas—you name it. Cliqz then gathers and prioritizes content from these large groups based on what has been the most read and shared, along with some fun surprises. This information is used to deliver the best of what you might be interested in—whether it comes from a traditional news source, or an unknown blogger.

    Configuration is minimal.
    1. Select your country and language(s).
    2. Connect with your social networks, if applicable.
    3. Choose the groups you are interested in following.
    4. Read, share - and enjoy!

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