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    * The news community * which enjoys the news of subject by a comment
    A [commentator] understands the news of subject in which everybody is rising most now from entertainments, a sport, and a movie to politics and economic news in real time by a comment.
    ♪ which can be enjoyed even if he has no registration without a charge altogether

    More the method of enjoying However, here
    [Point 1] comment is carried out, and if it rises, you can enjoy yourself more!

    In a commentator, "nickname" can be registered and it can comment on the comment of news or everybody.
    When discovering the news to worry, it is the comment * freely.
    "it is interesting" -- "-- such an utterance -- 許せない -- ! -- " -- "-- harnessing one's knowledge from easy comments, such as this entertainer favorite ♪", -- ? shelf it is -- up to a comment -- anything -- OK!!
    Furthermore, by commenting also on everybody's comment, discuss news deeply, it has a heated discussion, or there are various methods of pleasure.
    please comment rapidly what was considered -- ♪
    [Point 2] -- various -- carry out still more -- ♪ which there is a material and does not get bored
    Much news which has become the center of attention now from entertainments, a sport, and a movie to politics and economic news is distributed!! News is due to be distributed from 40 or more sites every day!
    Which the "material" since various genres carry out main and news is distributed, is rising in real time is ♪ understood simply.
    * It is if it is entertainments system news...
    The material etc. which are likely to become the center of attention by the news flash and the conclusion system blog of Channel 2, such as photographs, such as wearing-no-makeup や家族 which the ardent love news of an entertainer and a celebrity, and an entertainer and a celebrity exhibit with the blog report, marriage, and a private thing like pregnancy.
    The entertainer and celebrity material in which everybody is likely to rise are the full loads ♪.
    * It is if it is sports news...
    ♪ which news flash can enjoy at an original cut end not to mention baseball and soccer as a result of all sport information, including ballet, a long sumo match, NBA, Rugby, American football, a bicycle, golf, motor sports, a sport combative, a horse race, etc.
    * It is if it is movie information...
    The newest movie information, a film star's news, an interview, etc. will rise for the movie information which you worry! I will comment comment mutually all together about one movie, will criticize a movie, or will talk together!
    * It is if it is politics and economy...
    I will begin a stock price and information on new products from the contents of the economy and an industrial system which appears in the Nikkei newspaper, will come out of the news which has become the center of attention in the world to a material wholly, and will exchange hot arguments! If the material which has become the center of attention by politics and an economic system is checked, it can harness also at work!?
    [Point 3] ♪ which the subject which is rising all together also understands immediately

    The direction which wants to know the material of subject will look at news "is hot"!
    As for "being hot", everybody is rising the report with many comments from everybody by pickup ♪ now and what kind of material, or it understands at a glance!
    ♪ which will look at the news which is rising by "it is hot", and will get the newest trend since materials various from entertainments, a sport, and a movie to politics and economic news have become the center of attention
    The[Point 4] editor recommended topics report ♪

    There must surely be an interesting material also in the material which has not become the center of attention all together.
    "Topics" is ♪ to which a commentator's editor introduces a recommended report from genres various from entertainments, a sport, and a movie to politics and an economic material.
    The [Point 5] editor recommended topics report ♪

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