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    Note: One crash was reported when launching the New Belgium Brewing web site. This could not be replicated. Please report any crashes launching the browser from the app. Also investigating Android Ice Cream Sandwich RSS WebView display issue.

    Geographic location is now used with the geographic filter. That is why the new permission is required.

    Beta release, more to come...Keep this in mind if you find problems.

    Encourage the breweries that don't have news feed to get an RSS compatible blog or newsletter. This way you can use the app to follow their happenings without more and more email.

    Keep track of your favorite Craft Brewery. Select from a list of breweries for the latest news. A random brewery is initially selected for you. Add your own favorites.
    To manage your selection open the menu and press the selection option. The list is filterable by text and by a filters modified using the button to the right of the text field.
    To add your own breweries open the menu and press the User List option.
    Use the top navigation bar to navigate bewteen breweries.
    Choose the Info tab for web link, address, and map location.
    Choose the News tab for RSS feeds related to the brewery.
    On the News tab use the navigation bar to traverse multiple RSS feeds for the current brewery.
    Choose a News item to read a summary with link to the news source.
    Use the news story navigation at the bottom of the news story to read other news stories for the current feed without going back to the summary.
    Press the home button to return to the news list.

    Drink responsibly and have fun!

    1.1.3 Beta
    Finished moving app controls to the bottom, making it easier to use the app one handed. Fixed a couple of issues with the geo-fence. Added more breweries.

    1.1.2 Beta
    Added a geographic filter. Toggle it to show all the breweries in the region. Added text filtering to help find a specific brewery faster. The filter options for both the navigation and brewery selection page have been moved to the bottom of the screen for easier hand access. Couple of quick fixes.

    1.1.0 Beta
    Added a main navigation page, this will be the first screen. The menu items/action items were moved to the new main navigation page.

    1.0.9 Beta
    Minor enhancements preparing for next update.

    1.0.8 Beta
    Quick Fix for older Android OS problem.
    Added missing media feed for Back Forty Beer Co.

    1.0.7 Beta
    Added date to news titles.
    Fixed issue on Android 4.0
    1.0.6 Beta
    Added more craft breweries available to the app
    Fixed issue with selecting/unselecting a brewery on some devices.

    1.0.5 Beta
    Added more craft breweries available to the app.
    Changed some of the layout to meet new Android Design guidelines. Fixed issue with no news filter option for selecting breweries.

    1.0.4 Beta
    Added more craft breweries available to the app.
    Added filter to let you look at all craft breweries that have news feeds or without news feeds.
    Made it so the first randomly selected brewery has a news feed guaranteed.

    1.0.3 Beta
    Added more craft breweries available to the app.

    1.0.2 Beta
    Added Filter Settings button to selection screen. Located on the right of the text filter. Use the filter settings to custom filter the selection list. The custom filter settings will work in conjunction with the text filtering.

    Initial Filters:
    -Show selected breweries only
    -Show breweries not selected only
    -When both options are selected all breweries will be displayed.

    1.0.1 Beta
    More Craft Breweries added to choose from.

    Issues Fixed
    Fixed problem with selection screen.
    Added select/unselect all to the selection screen.
    -This applies to the filter: type n and it only shows items starting with "n". Then you can select/unselect all the the items starting with "n"

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