Debian News




    Mobile news reader for Debian related news.
    The fastest app to be up to date with only Debian News.
    For every Debian user from the newbie to the most skilled System Administrator.

    You can choose any rss feed from:

    * Planet Debian
    * Debian Docs
    * Debian official news
    * Planet Debian derivatives
    * Debian
    * Debian Weekly News
    * #Debian Twitter hashtag
    * Debian Reddit channel

    The app supports easily sharing the news with your friends via Facebook, email, Twitter and all the other apps you have installed on your phone.

    Unlike other excellent news readers, Debian News is designed to have a very simple and immediate interface and to be very small and fast (also supports moving to SD) because it is specific for the daily user.

    If you know of another source of news that you would like to read, please send us an email at and we will add it to the application if it is possible!

    Disclaimer: This application fetches data from publicly available RSS feeds and is not affiliated nor related to the newspapers or websites and is not to be held responsible for the content shows through the app.

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