Dergilik is a digital publishing platform that enables you to read hundreds of magazines and newspapers from a wide selection of categories, including but not limited to, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, decoration, comics, science and technology, men’s life, women’s life and hobbies.
    In addition,
    The articles about the most popular topics within the newspapers and magazines can be viewed on the main page tab,
    Automatic download enables you to download the current issues of the magazines automatically as they are released,
    You can cut pages from the newspapers and magazines and save it under my magazines-my archieve and/or under your photogallery, which can be shared with friends via multiple channels,
    You also can read the publications you downloaded previously while offline.
    Dergilik platform is all-access by any users regardless of the operator,
    Subscriptions can be viewed after logging-in the application and logging-in is free,
    The Turkcell consumer subscribers ,whose tariff include Dergilik service by default, are given 5 GB mobil internet package to be used while downloading and reading the publications in Dergilik.
    The Turkcell subscribers, whose tariff do not include Dergilik service, can subscribe to the service by a text-message or via the app at a price of 19.99 TL, which also include 5 GB mobile internet package to be used while downloading and reading the publications.
    For the Turkcell subscribers, the subscriptions renew itself on a monthly basis, unless otherwise demanded. Cancellations will be effective at the 1st day of each month regardless of the day cancellation is demanded.
    Other operators users can subscribe to Dergilik at monthly subscription fee of 19.99 TL via appstores by in-app purchase. Data used during downloading and reading publications is priced according to operators’ mobil/fixed data tariffs. Following the in-app purchase, receipts are sent to your e-mail account by Apple.
    Subscriptions renew monthly unless otherwise requested 24 hours before the renewal period. For the subscriptions activated via in-app purchase, the subscription fee is charged on each subscription period unless changed under account settings.
    Subscriptions can be managed under account settings.
    Cancellations apply when active subscription period ends.
    Single app-in purchase prices are as follows:

    6,99 TL (single magazine)
    12.99 TL (single magazine)
    19,99 TL (single magazine)
    26,99 TL (single magazine)
    The data usage while downloading single magazines and/or newspapers is charged based upon subscribers’ mobile/fixed internet tariff.
    Detailed information on the Dergilik service can be reached at Help/Frequently Asked Questions section whereas detailed information on our security policy can be reached at

    We are trying to improve our application based upon your comments as well. For any comments, recommendations and complaints , please use Help>Connect Us section in the application or e-mail
    Enjoy reading!

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