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    History, formerly known as The History Channel, is a US-based international satellite and cable TV channel owned by A&E Television Networks. It originally broadcast documentary programs and historical fiction series. However since 2008, it has mostly broadcast a variety of scripted "reality" television series and other nonhistory-related content.

    In early 2013, History aired the highly-rated series, The Bible. Programming covers a wide range of historical periods and topics, while similar themed topics are often organized into themed weeks or daily marathons. It is seen in more than eighty million households. Subjects include mythical creatures, monsters, UFOs, aliens, truck drivers, alligator hunters, pawn stores, antique and collectible "pickers", religions, disaster scenarios, and apocalyptic "after man" scenarios; a number of these exploitation films were narrated by Edward Herrmann when the channel ran them. Occasionally some of the aired programs compare contemporary culture and technology with the past; however, most programs focus on subjects such as conspiracy theories, religious interpretation, UFO speculation, and "reality" television.

    In particular, History has aired a number of films on Nostradamus as well as a special series on doomsday that promulgates various popular 2012 superstitions, including films such as Decoding the Past (2005–2007), 2012, End of Days (2006), Last Days on Earth (2006), Seven Signs of the Apocalypse (2007), and Nostradamus 2012 (2008).[4] The channel now features mostly mainstream "reality" TV shows with stretched relations to historical events of any kind. One notable exception used to be the space science documentary The Universe, but that was moved to H2 to make room for the rest.

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