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    Yes, another feed reader (RSS and ATOM). I use it as a testing and learning and, despite this, it works well enough to be the only feed reader I use both the phone and the tablet.

    Is translated into Spanish, Catalan and English and you can put the application in any of them from the same program.

    This simple reader allows you to subscribe to websites (adding feeds service address, of the website or through the sharing option from another Android app), decide which of these subscriptions are update byself and which update manually.

    You can set the time between automatic updates, with a minimum of 15 minutes. The default time is two hours.
       These updates can use the Android notification system if decided.

    Allows websites link to the folder "Nuevas" for new entries in these are reflected in this folder.

    Allows determine the number of entries for each site, as well as the folder "Nuevas" and which entries are saved permanently. Each of these actions has a reflection on the amount of internal memory used.

    You can export at any time the database, websites subscribed and current entries and permanetes of them, as well as the general and specific site options at any time. This exported file can be imported when there is no subscription.

    You can share both the websites subscribed as entries through applications that support Android sharing system.

    The interface is prepared for both phones and tablets, based on Android 3.0.

    Say they're tested on a ZTE Blade with froyo, android 2.2, and the other operating system versions and different sizes of screen through the emulator provided for the android development system.

    Updates 2.0.xx:

    13/08/2013 Version 2.0.3: Fixed a problem when deleting the folder 'Nuevas' and recreate it in the same session.
    It also has fixed another bug to AutoUpdate and has worked with other regarding preferences used internally. More on the blog, in Spanish.

    23/06/2013 Version 2.0.2: Fixed a bug in the search titles channels to add a website. No entry in blog.

    06/17/2013 Version 2.0.1: Improved to search RSS feeds in the header html and bug fix that erased the first channel listed at the delete the folder "Nuevas". No entry in blog.

    06/04/2013 Version 2.0.0: Added interface for tablets and some minor changes. No entry in blog.

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