Maia Lite




    Maia - she says what you are curious to hear.

    Have you ever wanted to click on the radio and uncheck all the things you don't want to hear?
    Or how about pressing a skip button and go to the next (not so boring) story...
    And how many times you just didn't have the time to read the news on your favorite channels like CNN or TechCrunch, because you had to make coffee or drive to work?

    These days are over, now with Maia you can:

    - Hear the latest news on the top channels
    - Hear your every-day-horoscope
    - Hear some jokes
    - Hear today's calendar events
    - Hear the weather at your location
    - Hear the current stock quotes
    ...and so many more

    Maia will help you start your day informed.
    Why read the news? Now you can just listen.

    Try Maia - your personal daily briefer.

    Now you can even use your voice to control Maia. Just tap the microphone and try saying something like:

    - What is the time?
    - What is my horoscope?
    - Tell me the news.
    - Tell me the sport news?
    - Bring me some technology news.
    - What are the local news?
    - Tell me the stock quotes.
    - Tell me a joke.

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