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    ★ "newspaper beans leader" Super Summary that includes various genres ★

    Site viewer to pick up the latest articles and past articles from the blog site summary (2ch) Channel 2, was born for the purpose of viewing efficient, comfortable, "newspaper beans" is a reader app.
    Carried out large-scale renewal this time, "newspaper beans" was born, he was reborn as a site summary viewer (2ch) channel 2!

    And other collectively (2ch) Channel 2 (Akiba), Android app (such as review sites), (such as review sites iPhone) iOS Apps Games (GAME), manga (comics), Funny, Entertainment, General News, Moe is the site viewer collectively a total solution that includes integrated app (such as review sites mixed OS), IT news, design (technology, art), video (movies, music, and movies, etc.), various genres, categories.

    "Talk funny, scary stories, VIP, collapse abs, you have questions, my husband did and found the image interesting, meaningful" traditional addition to the articles and other popular (eg, Wii DS, PSP, PS3) games, manga (jump, magazine You can view what's new, etc.), Sunday, and review sites.

    You can change the screen design to each category, you can view only those categories of users easy-to-understand for everybody, anxious I became possible.
    Of course, you can also browse all categories together.
    Type of information is only the "newspaper beans" is only this leader rich app!

    We will update from time to time be charged with such additions and design changes, the opinions of everyone!
    Because it is completely free of charge, please use us.

    ★ ★ app features
    More than 10 categories, including a summary 2ch
    Summary of site that can be viewed more than 300
    Articles and more than 100,000
    Simple and colorful design
    Easy-to-understand, visually, pursuing usability

    The main features ★ ★
    • Set the Home screen category
    • Switching of each category, including a summary 2ch
    · Newest
    Search by site-
    Search and past articles by date specified
    Free word search and
    Bookmarks (Favorites)
    ※ (dependent on terminal capacity) Unlimited
    Sort of bookmark (sort of)
    · Twitter displays the number of "tweets" of (Twitter)
    · Facebook of (Facebook) displays the number of "Like"
    Display and "users" of Hatena Bookmark
    Browser view and video sites through collaboration

    ★ ★ Category List
    Channel 2 (2ch)
    · Performing Arts
    General News
    · Android apps
    · IOS (iPhone) app
    Overall, application
    · IT News
    Video and
    All categories

    ★ ★ for the request
    Etc. "I wish ... I wish there was a feature like this.", "! I'd like to request additional driving directions,"? "But I think that this bug", is looking for a message by e-mail, and reviews off. Thank you for many years to come at any time, so we stacked up version.

    ★ Please note ★
    I hope everyone in the self-responsibility of each inspection of the site, is available.

    ◆ ◆ Update Information
    Add VIP, collapse abs, you have questions, or husband to do, the search function of the popular article by specifying any of the keywords: 2012/11/20
    Redesigned, features: 2013/01/18

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