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    M-Contracting simply means entering into legal agreements & contracts electronically with the help of mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, etc. LexEcon m-Contracting Platform is a project of LexEcon Consulting Group NZ Ltd, a global legal consulting company based in Wellington, New Zealand ( By means of this Mobile App and our mobile website, we have initiated a global project to introduce and promote m-Contracting as a more efficient alternative to paper-based contracting as well as e-Contracting carried out using computers. According to feedback from our clients, m-Contracting has shown an increase of over 55% in the productivity of their contracting processes in relation to standard contracts currently executed electronically using desktop computers. M-Contracting triggered productivity improvement from traditional paper-based transactions is estimated to top 100% for industries with relatively high volumes of contracts. M-Contracting helps busy professionals to close legal deals faster on the go, anywhere in real time with the help of mobile devices. Features of LexEcon mContracting Platform: > Free legal support for mContracting > draft m-Contracts for most transactions in any trade or industry > mSignature solutions provided in association with our partners > m-Invoicing & other mCommerce related services along with necessary legal support for executing business contracts faster & securely online by using mobile devices. Also you can download from a set of important eContract templates (Sales, Supply, Distribution, Manufacturing, Franchising, Employment, etc) embedded with digital eSign buttons for your convenience.

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