News Slide

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    Tired of having to switch between your favourite news apps - just to keep tabs on the latest News?

    News Slide is the simple solution!

    Bringing live news from the world's biggest and most-respected sources, News Slide gives you instant access to the very latest News worldwide.

    Presented in easy to navigate tabs, you can switch between the latest headlines, Sports news, Technology News, Showbiz News, as well as direct links to the individual feeds themselves!

    Want to switch your favourite news sources around on the tab bar? No problem! News Slide allows you to easily flick the sources of choice to your main tab bar.

    Just some of News Slide's News Sources:
    - Fox News
    - CNN News
    - BBC News
    - Sky News
    - Reuters News
    - Sports Illustrated News
    - ESPN Sports News
    - Mashable Technology News
    - Engadget Technology News

    Want up-to-the-minute news worldwide? Just Slide!

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