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    News Suite by Sony's review

    Published: 2014-03-04, by Manu Galvez.

    News and social timelines, all merged in one single app

    • Design
    • Smooth
    • Flip page effects
    • You can add preset news sources and your FB and Twitter accounts
    • Cannot add your own resources / import your RSS subscriptions

    "The daily updates you want to receive"

    Sony's news app Socialife has become really popular among Sony devices' owners. Fortunately, from now on all users will be able to download and enjoy it, no matter from which device.

    Socialife brings together all the news feeds you care about, including your social timelines. You can link your Facebook and Twitter account to the app and receive tweets and updates from your friends right in the same place where you read tech or sports news.

    That's cool, right? However, if you are a news junkie you are likely using a similar service already. Why should you change it? It's true that the core features of Socialife aren't groundbreaking. Nonetheless, the added-value feature of Sony's news app is its design and intuitiveness.

    Socialife's interface is neat and polished. Navigation is smooth even with flip page effects, and the way headlines for each source are displayed is simple and clear. Likewise, the amount of sources is impressive. It's a pity though that you cannot add your own sources or import your RSS subscriptions. However, as I said, your news need can be fully covered with the preset sources in the app.

    In a nutshell, a beautiful, smooth and intuitive news app with social integration that any Android user can now enjoy to the fullest. Recommended.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 04, 2014


    With News Suite, you no longer have to visit multiple sites and apps to stay in the know. It organizes articles from 1000s of feeds into two tabs so it’s easy to find what’s relevant to you. The “News” tab keeps you up to date on a wide range of current affairs, while the “My Feeds” tab brings you articles customized to your personal interests. We’ve partnered with the world’s most popular publications so there’s always new, quality content to engage you.

    - With our unique two-tab design, you can switch between the news you want and the news you need with the tap of a finger.
    -The “News” tab is where you can read up on a wide range of organized genres such as: General News, Entertainment, Sports, Food and more.
    -The “My Feeds” tab is where we bring you a personalized array of content based on your favorite topics.

    Customizing your “My Feeds” tab is simple. Just choose topics from the list or use our popular “Keyword Register” to enter the names of things like your favorite celebrities, companies, brands and where you live––we’ll give you all the latest news on them, in chronological order.

    -When you enable push notifications you’ll receive important news stories as soon as they develop.
    -With our ”Scheduled News” feature, you can customize push notifications for certain topics to appear periodically.

    You can save articles to your bookmarks list to read later. Plus, we make it easy to share your favorite stories with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    Click here for FAQs & support information

    -Tips for Use-
    How to Read News from Your Own Country
    By default, the region setting of your "News" tab is taken from the language and region settings of your device. For example, if your device’s language is set to “English (United States),” then news from the U.S. will be displayed. If you are unable to read news from the region you are staying in, you can use the method below to change the region setting.
    * Please note this resets the app to its initial state, deleting all feeds and bookmarks which have been registered.
    1. Choose "Menu">"Setting">"Other options">"Initialization"
    * This will delete feeds and bookmarks which have been registered.
    2. Restart News Suite
    3. Select the link for "Terms of service" from the starting screen
    4. Choose the region you stay in under "Select your language/region"
    Setting Up Push Notifications
    Users can receive periodic updates via push notifications with "Scheduled News," as well as push notifications for important news articles with "Additional feeds and other info of interest"
    You can turn notifications on or off, and set timings, by selecting "Settings," followed by "Notifications," from the upper right menu.
    For Xperia Users Wishing to Uninstall the App
    If you wish to uninstall the app from your Xperia device, you may or may not be able to do so depending on your device's model. In such cases, you can go to "Settings," followed by "Apps," and then select "Disable."

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